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   Poems by Victor Rumanyika   


E-book (Kindle) | Paperback

"These poems are about the betrayed hopes that many have in new leaders who always promise to change things for the better and put the interests of the common person first: but never do. They bemoan the prevalence of widespread systematic corruption and greed for power. They address issues such as failures in the health sector, rampant corruption, and nepotism. They were written during an election period where many young people stood up and challenged the status quo. Many of these young people have been imprisoned or murdered by the state, and yet the judiciary and other arms of the state remain powerless to bring order. They also draw from the author's experiences of growing up during turbulent times of civil strife and military conflicts. Through the poems, the author hopes to draw attention to issues of social justice and violation of human rights that prevail."

- Victor Rumanyika

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The book is set in Uganda and about the struggles of ordinary Africans against post independence African rulers that preach freedom and emancipation but have turned into oppressors. Ordinary people seek to reassert their rights against an intransigent regime that is determined to keep them oppressed. The poems chronicle everyday struggles that are faced at the hands of fellow Africans masquerading as Pan Africanists. Through peaceful and non violent means, a new generation of ordinary people is now taking a stand against social, political and economic segregation. 



Promise betrayed. What do you do when the change you campaigned for is betrayed by the very people who championed it?

In this powerful collection, Victor Rumanyika explores themes of promise, betrayal and corruption. How do you keep hold of hope in the face of intransigence?

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About Victor

My name is Victor Rumanyika, I am a published author and have recently released a second collection of poetry, The Ugandan Tales ...

Benon Kajibwami

Brings a life experience ...
Victor Rumanyika brings a life experience in the turbulent history of Uganda. Betrayal of Hope captures the author's wit, wisdom, and humour, and captivates the reader through the lens of a faded hope of a people, and then delivers you to a young generation who have taken up the mantle to shape their future under extreme circumstances. Betrayal of Hope is a must read.
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